Company overview

RMJ is a company focused on offering business and investment solutions to clients. With extensive experience in the financial market and global partnerships, the company works with development and financing of commercial projects, private equity, monetization of financial instruments and commodities trading.

RMJ is aware due the constant changes in the international economic and financial markets, our professionals have all the necessary technical knowledge to assist our clients in commercial operations, such as right investment options in the commercial and investment markets.

Our team

RMJ’s team has more than two decades of experience in international trade finance and commodity trading, trading in many portfolios that work with products such as: wood, chemicals, steel, fertilizers, petroleum products, sugar, cashew nuts, corn oil, among other products related to Agro -business.

Our main goal is to create a long-term and sustainable relationship, based on a values ​​ that respects our suppliers and customers.

Our established international associations and proven experiences allow us to offer total satisfaction to our customers all over the world.

Looking for a company with strong performance in international trade?