Our company has strong a performance in International Trade.

RMJ is focused on the quality of services, with a policy that values ​​the excellence to our clients and partners.

RMJ has been established in the local and international market for many years, with several associated partners around the world.

We have the know-how in International Commodity Trade with a array of financial structures to meet your every need.

With successful operations in the commodity markets such as the Middle East, Europe, South America and Asia, RMJ is confident that we can meet all client’s needs.

RMJ’s team has an experience spending more than a 2 decades in international commodity trading. RMJ has been trading in diversified commodity products such as Bitumen, Steel & Steel Scrap, Fertilizers, Raw Cashew Nuts & Cashew Kernels, Timber, Chemicals, Petroleum products, Sugar and other Agro products.

The key focus of our experienced and efficient professionals is to create long term and sustainable relationship with our suppliers and customers.

Our Established International Associations and rewarding experiences have enabled us to provide total satisfaction to our existing clients in most of the African, Asian, Middle East, and South America countries.

Looking for a company with strong performance in international trade?