Project Finance

This is a long-term financing of based on only cash flows that were allocated to the Project. We at RJM have developed a structure with the participation of several Venture Capital companies as investors directly involving them along with banks or other financial credit institutions that can provide funds for the Project.

Everything is based on the established financial model that has been structured by RMJ and all the financing is guaranteed by the assets of the project itself, or by a inancial Instrument issued by one of RMJ’s associates, which in turn will revenue for the Project in its starting phase.

The Project’s  Financial Asset that RMJ have created is specific for each project. This also avoids risks to the Promoters if there was any flaw in the project.

Project financing may be somewhat more complex than other forms of financing, but can be more rewarding. RMJ has financed projects in the sectors of infrastructure, mining, energy, telecommunications and transportation.

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